10 Abbreviated Theses On The Political Valence Of Improvisation

I’m copying a twitter thread that I posted yesterday, minus the inevitable typo that appeared there. It is useful, for sure, to try to distill an entire argument into short format like this. But it clearly comes at the expense of any nuance. I’m saving the nuance for the book. In the meantime, here is … Continue reading 10 Abbreviated Theses On The Political Valence Of Improvisation


On a given day, our experience of the world feels stable, even if it isn’t. On the other hand, at least for those in the States, where public policy appears designed to keep COVID around longer than is necessary, one characteristic of the past four months has been an increased attention to the “uncertainty” of … Continue reading ALL TIMES ARE UNCERTAIN


The subject of this critical essay (Iyer 2019) is the field of music theory writ-large, and critical improvisation studies more particularly. In it, Iyer argues that in part because of improvisation’s utter ubiquity, it is impossible to locate it without doing so through our own subjective viewpoints. That is “We do not ‘perceive’ improvisation but … Continue reading IYER’S “BENEATH IMPROVISATION”


I intend for this blog to be a kind of improvisation repository, where, in addition to certain ancillary topics from my book project, I can also compile examples of improvisation discourse from the larger cultural context (outside of the obvious examples in the arts). On that note, a formal invitation: if you spot improvisation anywhere … Continue reading IMPROVISATION REPOSITORY | IMPROVISATION IN ADVERTISING

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